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Vital City Services

One of the most fundamental jobs of city government is to provide day to day services. Most residents interact with the city through such services as streets and roadways, water & sewer, pest control, libraries, information technology, and licensing.


  • Pest Control: The greater Boston area is second in the nation for rat infestation. This is a health crisis. Our city must partner with our neighbors regionally to come up with a solution. I will establish a citywide eradication program connecting existing methods to new holistic approaches. The 311 system needs revamping to allow for follow-up on incidents which require more than a one-time call out. We need public education efforts in parallel to stricter enforcement for pet clean-up, refuse, garbage, composting and harboring of rodents.  


  • Water & Sewer: The aging water & sewer system here in the city is a pressing problem. 90% of our pipes are more than 50 years old and 70% are more than 100 years old. To have a properly functioning city we need modern infrastructure. Historically this financial burden has historically been on ratepayers, many of them on a fixed income. We have an opportunity right now to utilize federal funds from the American Rescue Plan to repair our antiquated system.


  • Libraries: Our city libraries are hubs for community engagement, education, and civic pride. The libraries provide children’s programs, language instruction, technology access, social interaction, cultural exchange, and so much more. Our libraries can be used to further all our aims in the city, including promotion of education, arts, and culture.


  • Information Technology: The city has a responsibility to our residents to lessen the digital divide and support greater access to information technology. The pandemic has jumpstarted the move towards providing remote services through technology across schools, healthcare, and work. I am committed to leaving nobody out or behind when it comes to access. This will translate to better connectivity for our students, our workers, and our older residents. 


  • Licensing and Permits: Dealing with any local licensing and permitting with the city should be as streamlined and painless as possible. My administration will do more to help residents with these tasks. The licensing and permitting process should also be transparent, with checks in place to assure proper enforcement.

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