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Joe Lynch


This election year, the voters of the City of Somerville will have the opportunity to elect a new Mayor to lead us into and through the next chapter of Somerville’s progress. I’ve made my decision.  That progressive leader is Mary Cassesso.


I’ve known Mary and her work for many years.  And long before today’s catchphrases and slogan-laden politics, Mary worked for better and more affordable housing, workers’ rights, environmental issues, fair and affordable health care, the funding for the Somerville arts community, and racial justice 

issues, transparent and inclusive government and much more.  Now is the time we put Mary’s effective leadership experience to work for all of us. 


You say you want good, effective, and understandable policies in our local government?  Vote for Mary Cassesso.  You say you want an inclusive, open, and transparent Somerville government?  Vote for Mary Cassesso.  You say you want bold and common-sense policies around transportation, city workflow, and best business practices at the local level? Vote for Mary Cassesso.  And you want a Mayor who works for all of us?  Please vote for our next Mayor, Mary Cassesso.


Joe Lynch

Henderson Street


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